Performance Teams

Symphonic Concert Band

The Concert Band is the largest component of the Army Bands. It is the core group of the 88th Army Band covers a wide range of musical selections occasionally accompanied by Vocals.

The Concert Band performs in a wide variety of settings. This group typically performs their mission in concert halls, state grounds, or high schools. Presenting a mixture of powerful and influential marches, overtures, and patriotic selections, the concert band is the go to flexible group.

Ceremonial Marching Band

The Ceremonial Marching Band is oldest component of the Army Bands. It performs in any setting and adjusts to changing conditions on the fly. This group usually marches in parades and performs in military ceremonies. Though, because of the nature of this group, the Ceremonial Marching Band can also be used to fill in gaps of a musical lineup or repertoire.

Stage Band; Pop Rock Band

The Stage Band is the agile performance team within the Army Bands. Unlike the Ceremonial Marching Band, The Stage band performs more contemporary and modern day selections. With the combination of Lighting, Sound, and Stage Effects, The Stage Band accomplishes a different mission. Overseas and for our troops at home, the mission of this band is to boost moral and to “put on a show”. Here at home, the band’s mission is to attract a younger audience.

Specialized Performance Teams

Specialized Performance Teams are small teams that provide a certain type of music without sacrificing quality. For example, a Jazz Group composing of 3 to 5 members can perform in a small dining hall where a full concert band may not be adequate. A Brass Quintet could also be requested, especially on a short notice. Though, it may just be the event itself that calls for a small Woodwind Group or Vocal Choir to perform. At its essence, a specialized Performance team is designed to allow the band to fulfill a larger range of opportunities regardless of what size or venue.